Build a Second Brain in Notion

An all-in-one system to manage your projects, knowledge, resources, and more.

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Notion Second Brain 2.0 - All-in-one dashboard to capture & organize your knowledge | Product Hunt

PARA Method

Notion Second Brain builds on a popular organization method by leading productivity expert, Tiago Forte.
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A series of tasks linked to a goal or deadline.
Sphere of activity you're trying to improve on maintain.
Topics or themes of ongoing interest.
Inactive or irrelevant items from the other categories.

GTD Process

On top of the PARA method, we integrated the GTD process by David Allen, author of the book "Getting Things Done".
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Put anything into your inbox quickly.
Decide if it's a next action, project or resource.
Assign tasks with date, project or context where relevant.
Update your task lists frequently to prioritize your time.

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What People Are Saying

Keeps me aligned.
I love how it has helped me organize all my tasks and thoughts in just one area. I feel like have a brain dashboard. My favorite is probably the project tracker because it keeps me aligned with what I need to do, what tasks I need to prioritize, and when I'm done inputting I feel like I clear a lot of space in my head.
Kia Abrera
@kiaabrera • Aug 19, 2022
Best investment I’ve made.
Second Brain from Easlo is just the thing I have been searching for to improve my productivity and organizing my ideas. This is the best investment I’ve made in improving my personal output, productivity, and knowledge management.
Fabio Minoru
@fabio.minoru • Jun 27, 2022
A phenomenal tool.
Second Brain has been a phenomenal tool and resource for me. When I began using Notion, I was overwhelmed with creating some kind of structure. Second Brain gave me not only a awesome system, but a methodology that allowed me to be organized and successful!
Scott James
@scottjwrites • Jul 25, 2022
Uses Notion at its best.
The template really shines with a very clean designed UI implementation of the Second Brain approach. The structure is very intuitive and the content adaption is really easy based on this.
@simply_niels • Aug 29, 2022
Clear, efficient workflow.
Second brain has helped me to develop a clear, efficient workflow. It is so lovely to have everything in one place as opposed to jumping between Google Calendar, Evernote, Google Docs and others.
Jack Gillman
@jack-gillman • Aug 27, 2022
Best Notion resource I've bought.
This is by far the best notion resource I have bought. Having to juggle both work and grad school can feel overwhelming. Second brain has been a gem of a template to get started with the important work.
Bryan Garcia
@bryan-garcia • Jun 27, 2022
Love the look and workflow.
The specific concept of a second brain is very new to me although in reality I have been in desperate need of a structured system like it for a long time. I love the look and workflow of Easlo’s Second Brain and the fact that I can make small superficial changes to it to make it feel like my very own. It has helped me build daily habits, rituals, focus and better organization into every day of my life. The result of this is being happier, healthier, better engaged with my family and running a more successful business.
Chris Walsh
@chris-walsh • Jun 25, 2022

More Testimonials

Minimal, sharp and simple.
Easlo's templates are minimal, sharp and refreshingly simple by design. They help folks new to Notion to hit the ground running instead of figuring out how to the app up. With such a flexible tool, this is very needed.
@optemized • Nov 08, 2022
Absolutely love what he’s doing.
What I like about Easlo's templates are that they are super user friendly. He inspires me to keep complex templates lightweight.
Red Gregory
@RedGregory1 • Feb 6, 2022
Best-designed resources.
Easlo's templates are not only the best-designed resources on the market, but they also actually help you get things done.
Marie Martens
@MarieMartens • Feb 6, 2022
Intuitive and accessible.
Easlo has amazing resources that I can't imagine working without! I feel more on track, focused, and productive using his Notion templates in my workflow.
Bryan Garcia
@br_ya_ng • Jun 27, 2022
Most sleek and complete.
Whenever I need to use Notion for something new, I always go to Easlo's website and buy his templates. He has the most sleek and complete Notion templates ever! I love the B&W color palette, Notion avatars, and the fancy formulas he used in his templates.
Michelle Marcelline
@michwirantono • Nov 08, 2022
Minimalist, yet advanced.
Easlo is a top notch creator of minimalist, yet advanced Notion templates and he never fails to exceed expectations with his creations. Having tried many of his templates, I am always equally stunned to learn the value he manages to stuff inside these templates. It's safe to say that his a master of his craft and I'd recommend his templates to anyone who asks.
@IAmPascio • Nov 08, 2022

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Build your Second Brain in Notion

An all-in-one system to manage your projects, knowledge, resources, and more.
Buy Now for $129
Lifetime access
Tutorials & workflows
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